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SIS will be dissolved end of 2018!

Trainings | Workshops | Seminars

  • One-half to full-day training and online course for forthcoming seminars or as continuing education
  • -> Search, use, manage, publish scientific articles
  • -> Issues surrounding scientific publications

Activities 2018

  • 20.09 Module 9E Mastering biomedical information retrieval as tool for the 3Rs, UniZü
  • 04.09 3R animal experimentation issues for directors of animal experimentation in Module-2E, with online prerequisite, UniL
  • 11.06 Mastering publication process to promote scientific carrier (CUSO), UniL
  • 08.05 Information Literacy: successfully search, use, manage scientific publications (CUSO), UniFr 

Activities 2017

  • 27.11 Information Literacy: successfully search, use, manage scientific publications (CUSO)
  • 13.11 M-9E Mastering biomedical information retrieval as tool for the 3Rs at UniZü
  • 30.10 Information Literacy: successfully search, use, manage scientific publications (HES-SO)
  • 05.09 M-2E 3Rs and open access issues of animal experimentation with online prerequisite at UniL
  • 27.06 Mastering publication process to promote scientific carrier at UniL
  • 02.05 Information Literacy: successfully search, use, manage scientific publications at UniL
  • 20.03 Visibilité des publications scientifiques et e-réputation at HEIG-VD
  • 17.03 Animal Systematic Review and bias detection as tools for informed experimental design decisions at UniL
  • 17.02 Publications scientifiques - Quoi de neuf? at HEG-VS Sierre
  • 13.02 M-9E Mastering biomedical information retrieval as tool for the 3Rs at UniZü
  • 13.01 Scientific Women & publications visibility - Researcher ID, Open Access & Search of paleopedology publications

Project 2015 - 2017 

  • -> training and information site of open science politic consequences on the 3Rs (Refine Reduce and Replace animal experimentation) 
  • -> tool for better biomedical and preclinical research transparent and valid publications
  • -> impact report, flyer and poster and press article

Activities 2016

Activities 2015

Scientific information

Scientific information

  • Search
  • Manage
  • Use
  • Publish
  • Follow

Search for information

Select and master online search tools to increase relevance of results and perform the state of art on a subject

  • Search strings, Boolean operators, truncations
  • Google scholar, Gopubmed, Go3R, etc
  • "Citing tools" Web of Science, Scopus, Google scholar
  • Web of Science, Scopus, Engineering Village, etc
  • Pubmed, Iconda, MathScinet, Biosis, etc
  • IEEE, ScienceDirect, ACS, etc
  • Infoscience, Archive ouverte Ge, E-collection ETHZ, Zora, Rerodoc, Serval,E-doc Basel, Boris, etc
  • ArXiv, PubmedCentral, etc
  • Nebis, Rero




  • Jean-Blaise Claivaz | scientific librarian at UniGe
  • Thomas Henkel | dcientific librarian at UniFr
  • Cécile Lebrand | publication Officer at CHUV | ORCID
  • Diana Marek | bioinformatic trainer at UniL
  • Lucile Vogt | meta-analyses specialist at UniBe
  • Sylvie Vullioud | scientific publication trainer at SIS | blogger | ORCID
  • Lionel Walter | scientific information system specialist at Swissbib

Adult trainings and facilitation techniques

SIS tries to emphazise interactions, the sharing of opinions and best practices. For these purposes, adult facilitation techniques such as games, clickers, case studies, or the direct application of presented theoretical elements to the participant's situation are used whenever possible.


Stimulating participants before group work. Half-day training on scientific Citation Techniques for academic librarians, EPFL, March 2014

Jeu de plateau

Team board game about on Copyright and Creative Commons licences. One-day seminar on Scientific Information for PhD students, EPFL, April 2014.








Adhesion conditions to SIS


Scientific Information School (SIS) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote competences of researchers, university and school students, teachers, librarians and the wider public to the search, use, management and diffusion of scientifc publications.


The association's resources are made up of funding from foundations, proceeds from the acitvities of the association, donations, legacies, subsidies from public authorities, and support memberships. Membership is 40 frs/year. Any person or organization interested in realizing these objectives can be a support member. Request for admission should be addressed to Sylvie Vullioud, who will admit new members and inform existing ones. 



Scientific Information School (SIS)

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Phone: (+41) (0)21 550 38 44


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Car: 15'


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